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School- A Temple of knowledge must be such that it should be accessed by all. Do you want your school to achieve global recognition & increase your brand value? Here at Edten, we provide you an online platform for skyrocketing your ‘Admission Enquiries’. Parents trust Edten for searching schools & raising enquiries for admissions.

Appealing right? So, what are you waiting for? Grab this trending opportunity to mark your existence in the pool of schools, by introducing your school on Edten.com today!

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Go Digital! Go Trending!

Accessibility Around the Clock

In the modern era of tech savvy generation, Why opt for the conventional marketing methods that can plunge your reputation. Give your audience convenience to connect with you anytime and from anyplace and get the boons of scooping the interested parents and students who want to know more about your school. Edten Super Profile not only caters to visitors 24 X 7 but also creates a digital footprint of your school which enables new audience to engage effortlessly.

Business Credibility

Improves Credibility and Legitimacy of Your School.

Capitalise your inputs in development of your school and find yourself way ahead of everyone. Create a remarkable impact on the parents through this engaging platform and get recognised as one in one thousand. Upswing your Brand value with Edten.

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Expand Audience Reach!

Elucidate your Target Spectators:
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Invest your efforts in the right direction by all right means. Capture your target audience on the edten, identify the genuine viewers and cater them with full-fledged details about your school. With precise targeting, you not only optimise the revenue quotient but also generate a new trustworthy customer base.

Easy to Use and Update

Super Profile’s on Edten
are easy to care

Edten’s Super Profile is that you can make changes as you go. If maintained properly, your Super Profile will always be up to mark. Easily make updates, edits and deletions from any Device connected to the Internet. No more having to pay a programmer every time you want to change a thing or two.

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Edten Analytics.

We talk in numbers, Edten offers you Best Return On Investment

Gone are the days when you have to sit back and wait to know If the “Offline Marketing Expenditure” has turned out to be fruitful or not. In the state-of-the-art era where ‘Time Money Equation’ holds good. Our motto is to provide ‘Best Results’. Edten super profile provides a separate section to track & analyse all sorts of real time data for admission conversion along with latest rating and reviews by the visitors.

More BANGs! For your Bucks!

Make an Investment rather than an Expense!

The purpose of our existence is to empower you and assist you increasing returns on your investment, through a most affordable & easy to use digital platform of Edten. Super profile bids farewell to the old, slow and unreliable traditional advertising, replacing it with young, modern and trending techniques. So welcome Edten to settle down your debits for you!!p>

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Our Students help us to strive for more

What People Say about “Edten”

Welcome to Edten’s Super Profile

Super Profile is a public profile specifically created for Schools showcasing all the relevant information under several heads.

Super Profile

Super-Profile: View Mode

Super-Profile: View Mode enables schools to view their school’s super profile from the audience point of view and help them display information which is relevant to the users.

Editable Mode


Editable Mode assist you in Filling up the Required information for the Super Profile and just in case of changes, Make Edits with ease with Real time effect.



Edten analytics assist in translating customer behaviour into actionable business data. Assist in tracking and analysing your results.


Overview displays information in general sense to the parents and students so that they can sketch an outline about your esteemed school. This segment provides them with reliable and authentic information about common details related to school location, office address , contact details, working hours and social media links etc.

This remarkable feature signifies its importance as it saves time and most importantly provides legit information about the schools in just one click. Moreover the ‘About Section’ empowers school authorities to unveil the exclusive culture and history of the school, so that parents and students would get an idea of the aim and vision of the school, developing a sense of embracement between the school and students also strengthening the values of trust and beliefs.

Quality education and a healthy learning environment is the topic of major concern for most parents while searching for schools. Academics section enables you to showcase pure talent, your school has nurtured by showcasing Top achievers on-the-top. Quality of education which schools caters to their students along with other necessary aspects like class strength, subjects taught, pattern followed and tuition fee for the academic year & other significant information, that would support the promising image of your glorious institution. This section satisfy the purpose of education and let everyone know the academic details which responsible parents must be keen.

Make sure you provide them with sufficient information and make the best use of this feature for admission conversions.

Education is boundless in terms of imagination and hence not restricted to just classrooms. Students learn a lot from their surroundings & the people around, all create an efficacious learning environment for the kids. Here, through this feature of Edten’s super profile you get an opportunity to elaborate your campus facilities like a library with thousands of books, classes equipped with smart technology, CCTV Surveillance ensuring complete safety and security of the wards, aesthetic play arena and recreational cell for overall development of students and ensure parents regarding all their concerns related to their child’s comfort within the school premises.

Here through this feature of Edten’s Dashboard you get opportunity to elaborate the campus facilities like Library with ten of thousands of books, Digital classrooms, Classes equipped with smart tech, CCTV Surveillance ensuring complete safety and security, aesthetic Play arena and recreational cell for overall development of students and ensure parents regarding all their concerns.

As we all know and must have heard of the proverb “First Impression Is the Last impression” giving a thought to it we bring ‘Media & Gallery’ feature on Super Profile that enables you to lay a remarkable first impression on the audience and parents visiting your school super profile on Edten. In the modern era of digitalization where a mere image can convey a bulk of information and reach out to large audience for which 1000’s of words also will never be enough, showcase your vibrant photos & pictures covering all aspects of education like sports ground, cultural festivals, social awareness initiatives and many more without which the school life of a student will be incomplete.

Let the audience visiting your media and gallery know the activity and trends of your school and feel proud to be a part of your glorious journey.

Talking about the inclination of the mindsets for current generation, the habit of comparing two similar products on the basis of numbers of aspects is quite common, whether online food ordering or online hotel search. We provide our clients with the most innovative and interactive feature of ‘Ratings & Reviews’. The feature enables the huge audience of parents and students on the website to make their word of mouth but also engage them in its content. The rating and review attribute is introduced to empower the idea of referrals and recommendations, as the ratings and reviews will be 100% genuine and be done by actual parents and audience.

With the power of state of the art, AI Tech we enable your visitors to set a revolutionary plan of action that will change the concept of so-called problems faced by parents in school searching.

Editable Mode


Editable mode assists you in filling up the required information for the super profile and just in case of changes, make edits with ease with real time effect. Flyers, billboards, pamphlets or holdings all conventional marketing methods are old enough to convey what you deliver & in case of error there is no scope to rectify the errors. They are kind of used and throw a kind of marketing method which ultimately results in loads of bills.

With the feature of Editable mode you hold the power to make changes, update your super profile view on the go for the people searching for you, connect your social media, optimise it & improve your content on super profile to get better audience engagement.

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In the modern era, the business world has been evolving so fast! And so does marketing! All the conventional methods of marketing including newspaper, pamphlet marketing, & billboard marketing are unaccountable and cannot be tracked for the number of conversions. Today, It’s a lot more advanced and targeted that reflects how highly result oriented it has become Edten provides rich data to help schools understand the impact of their marketing campaigns on conversion rates and a visitor's journey.

Edten analytics assist in translating customer behaviour on Edten’s Super Profile into actionable business data. Today's School can use Edten analytics tools to examine the many sections their visitors might interact with and identify new revenue opportunities from existing strategies and create new strategies on the basis of these highly relevant insights.

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