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Ratings and reviews of any particular school could be checked from its super profile on Edten under the tab with heading Ratings & Review.

Edten ads provide your school a separate place in the section with heading ‘Most Popular Schools’ on Edten and this featured column is shown on the welcome page of the website. The advertisement section is a matter of attraction for all its audience and a powerful move to target your audience.

To advertise your school digitally the best you can do is to keep all your digital social media accounts active so as to widen your reach, set up new connections and mark your existence in the field of schooling and education. Keeping your school’s super profile on Edten active and updated will help you increase your conversion rate of audience into admissions.


To get on-boarded you need to follow the steps:

  • Login / register yourself as a user with g-mail, facebook or mobile number.
  • Go to 'Introduce your School' and click 'Get Started'
  • Fill in all the details about your school and submit the form for approval.
  • Once the application gets approved by the admin panel, your school will automatically get registered on Edten.

Your super profile is like a digital brochure of your school. You can provide all sorts of necessary information and details to parents and students visiting it.

You can add

  • School address, opening hours, contact information, link to different social media platforms
  • Top achievers of your school, classes, fees structure and subjects.
  • Campus facilities and services
  • Real photos of events and activities
  • Slogan, description, principal’s desk

To make any changes or update in the super profile the user can edit the change in editable mode of super profile and have a preview of the new super profile in the view mode.

To improve the super profile, the user can:

  • Display correct and accurate information
  • Keep the profile up to date.
  • Get yourself good ratings and reviews

The analytics mode of the super profile will show total number of profile views, enquiries, reviews, school visits made by the large audience of parents and students who are in search of best school on Edten.

Ratings & Review plays the deciding factor for parents and students to choose the best school. The school authorities can improve their rating and reviews by organic methods that is by improving the quality of education they provide and parents and student satisfaction also they can create an interactive and unique super profile for greater audience engagement.

The audience is in the search for correct and accurate information about your school therefore, keeping your super up to date and advanced will result in more traffic generation also, to increase traffic on super profile we have a special section of Edten’s advertisement of most popular schools on Edten.

The user can use ‘Support Ticket’ feature of the platform to directly get in touch with the ready to help support system of Edten in case of any queries or doubts or they can write to us at our mail id or call on 9116161066

The user can access and respond to all the admission enquiries raised by parents and students through the analytics mode of the super profile. A database of parent’s or student’s contact details will be provided to the user and hence they can answer all enquiries as per their convenience.


To get registered on Edten, a user must create a unique user profile. The user can either use their gmail id, mobile number or can directly register with google account or facebook account Register Here

To simplify the school searching process and have best experience, a user can make search using the assisting tools of the Edten's homepage search panel. This will provide user with more relevant and accurate search results. User can further optimise the search by sort and filter options from the listing.

A registered user can directly apply for admission in the schools that show an ongoing admission process in their super profile by simply raising an admission enquiry to the school authorities with all necessary details and contact information of yours. The school authorities will soon get in touch with you with feedback regarding your enquiry through your contact details.

A registered user can book a school visit from the super profile of the chosen school by filling in the details in the respective columns. They can later view the progress about it in the user profile.

Registered user can rate aur give review to a school from the add review and rating option on the super profile of that school

A user can reach the school authorities buy the authentic contact information like address email id contact numbers also links to their various other social media platforms provided by the school authorities themselves in the overview section of super file

A user can get in touch with the Ready to help support system of Edten from the 'contact us' section of the website also they can use the 24 hour active chatbot waving with "Here we Are" or write to us at our mail ID

Users can compare among the best in class schools that are registered on Edten from all over Jaipur on the basis of information given by schools under 5 headings of their super profile that is overview, academics, campus, media & gallery, ratings and reviews and choose the best one as per their suitability.

The dynamic platform is totally free of cost for students and parents all they need to do is register themselves with authentic credentials or maybe directly through Google or Facebook and create the user profile on Edten.

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