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Why do Parents send their kids to Pre-school?

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It is the foremost duty of each parent to send their kids to a decent school where they can receive their formal education and they wait for that optimum age for the admission. Sometimes parents are anxious to take a step ahead and admit their kid to a pre-school for quality elementary education. Though it is not a mandatory program but of course a good initiative to make the child of age 3-6 years grow mentally and gain maturity before attending any conventional school curriculum. It is a combination of learning and playing. Edten, an online school finder helps you find the best schools in Jaipur for your kids. These schools are run by private organizations but they strictly follow the government rules and regulations.

What are the basic types of preschool programs?

  1. Play-based:- They pay more focus on extra-curricular activities and merge the activities with academics.
  2. Pure academics-based:- They are professional teams focussed on giving only basic elementary education like aptitude, mental maths, reading, and writing skills. The teachers are only trained to make the child mature before shifting to primary education.
  3. Montessori elementary school:- Montessori elementary school are those that mainly focus on 5 activities like experiences of practical life, language skills, mathematical reasoning, art, and culture along with sensorial programs.
  4. Waldorf:- They focus on creativity and imagination, playing with learning and understanding the environment.
  5. Reggio Emilia:- These schools give full independence to the child and allow him/her to perform activities based on their interests.

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What are the important qualities of a preschool?

  1. The environment of the school should be comfortable for the child. It is the first place where the kid arrives and stays throughout the day leaving behind the parent. The first panic then cries, then makes friends, and slowly gets well accustomed to the ambiance.
  2. The reputation of the school should be high enough so that the parents can easily trust them and hand over their children as the school authority’s sole responsibility. A word of praise from any colleague's mouth is fair enough.
  3. The staff members and the teachers should be qualified enough and soft-spoken as it is their first duty to become a favorite in the eyes of the children. They should be well trained to handle difficult situations.
  4. Sufficient facilities and safety measures are present within the school campus are a must-watch for each parent. Fire-safety alarms, pure quality drinking water, hygienic toilets, and tidy classrooms, installed CCTV are some of the important parameters that the school authority should take care of.
  5. High-quality nursery programs like arts and crafts, nature visits, indoor games in combination with academic education like counting numbers, identifying shapes and figures give the perfect example of an ideal pre-school.
  6. There should be enough encouragement for performing all the activities falling under areas of interest. Every child is born with some qualities and skills. It is very important to identify a special trait. This might end up building the career of that child in that specialization.

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What are the reasons that parents are eager to send their children to a pre-school?

Social and academic foundation:-Curiosity and observance are the most predominant factors that are seen in a child. They are always anxious about everything they see around themselves. In this age, the kids need to teach them moral values through story-telling or exciting games. At home, the parents who are mostly working professionals, are very much busy with their work. They can't nurture every single trait of their child. But the teachers of the preschools will take this responsibility of preparing them for every academic skill that will help them develop a bright career in their life.

Attentiveness and promptness:- Good communication must take place between the transmitting end and the receiving end. But the kids are not even mature enough to understand what is “communication”. A nice group experience is built in a structured way in the elementary education environment. Raising hands-on asking a question, giving a decent reply in a proper format, fluent speaking and most important speaking the truth are some of the modes of teaching communication more regularly.

Maturity for getting into elementary school:- Learning through play will make education a part of their fun activities. The child will gradually absorb mathematical concepts and literacy skills through games. It will prepare them mentally for taking admission to the elementary schools where they will receive primary education and perform well without facing any difficulties while grabbing the concepts.

Identification of special needs or any disability:- Under the constant supervision of the teachers in elementary schools, it becomes easy to trace if one kid needs any special care or not by observing the behavioral characteristics. It is a very important step because the child is going to enter a competition which is more like a rat-race where there is no mercy or no excuse for taking a wrong turn. In this case, the parents can prepare themselves mentally and arrange for a special school.

Quality care during daytime:- Most of the parents in this generation are working professionals. They have to run to the office during the daytime and come back in the evening. Hence they only get to spend time with their child during the holidays. Instead of leaving their child back at home with their maid, they can opt for the pre-schools, further led the importance of preschools. In this way, they can be sure that their child is in safe hands. Moreover, they can focus more on their work more efficiently.

Promoting the development of personality:- The child makes so many friends, interacts with so many teachers, and daily learns new things. This gives a major boost to his/her reflex actions and starts exploring himself. The child gradually develops a personality and becomes frank in front of other people. But before coming to this school, they feel shy even to introduce themselves in front of their relatives and hesitate to make a conversation.

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Learning the meaning of friendship and bonding:- The value of a friend in life is priceless. As the child starts visiting these elementary schools, slowly he/she starts interacting with similar small kids. They recognize certain similar traits in them and take an interest in conversation with each other. And one day they become friends and develop certain emotions and enjoy all the moments throughout the days. In this way, they realize the meaning of friendship and the child starts respecting friendship for the rest of their life. Hence it can be said that these schools remain the proof of developing the emotional intelligence of the youth.

Duty of the parents:- Quality education of the child is not bound only within the campus of the school. Parenting is also a part of pre-schooling. Each parent should be equally responsible for their childlike the teachers. They should carefully observe the performance of their child, meet the teachers, and give constant moral support. During the holidays, they can take part in the work education projects to be submitted at homework, identify any special interest in any subject. If found, special attention should be given to that. In this way, they can be a part of the overall development of the child both mentally and physically.

Undergo strict regulation:- In many times the child can be caught wrongdoing and then it becomes the duty of the teacher to scold and punish him/her. In this way, the child will get the taste of discipline in life. Moreover, he/she will think twice before doing any wrong activity. This will make the child take the right decision in life when he grows up. Many parents avoid this activity and forgive their wrong-doing and later the child grows in life and disobeys the parents. Overall, pre-school is responsible for all the minute activities that might not be covered in the subject of parenting. In other words, pre-school is above parenting.

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