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What are the things that should be kept in mind while searching Top Schools in Jaipur?

Posted on 24 Apr, 2020 By Admin

For every parent, choosing a school is the most significant decision while their children are growing up. School is the second home for the children as they spend around 8 hours daily on the school premises. Therefore it is very essential for your child to take admission in one of the best schools in Jaipur to avail quality education and enhance his/her personality.

Here are the few things that you must consider before selecting or choosing a school for your child.

Distance from the house

No parent will ever want their kids to go to school at a distance of 15 km from home. At first, you might think that it is of no hassle, but soon, you will find it troublesome. The school commute will take up a hefty fare for picking up and dropping your kid. It will be tiring for your child to take an hour's ride to reach the school. It would help if you looked for a school that is within 5 to 8 km from your house. By implementing this thing, you will have a sense of peace in mind.

Gain Information about the faculties in the school

The faculties or teachers in the school carry a great weightage for providing quality education. You can check the reviews of the school online for the quality teaching efficiency of the teachers. Make sure you ask questions to know about the teaching methodology of the school. If you can find an opportunity to talk to the teachers, then it will be great to get better information.

Get an idea about the extra-curricular activities at the school

Just like education, extra-curricular activities are also equally crucial for students to improve their overall personality. Some of the extra-curricular activities that you must look for are yoga, dancing, cooking, martial arts, coding, and a lot more. Know your child’s interest and find a school that offers extra-curricular activities as per your child’s interest. 

Some schools also organize special functions and programs for the students to take part in it to showcase their talents. The children need a diverse exposure for evolving into a better person in life. All the kids must be given a chance to take part in these activities without any selection criteria.

Plan your budget

The school expenses are getting high every year. Therefore it is a very evident criterion for consideration. You need to check the fees of the school and plan your budget accordingly. If your budget does not allow you to go for a particular school, then it is better to change your options and go for the school that will put fewer burdens on your pocket. Select the schools that have a reasonable fee and also provide quality education for your child to attain better learning.

Mutual Transparency

Make sure you clear out everything with the administration before you finalize your admission procedure. Similarly, you can ask several questions to the administration about the educational policies and features followed by the institute. There are several procedures of education that different institutions follow. Therefore you need to ensure that the administration is clear with you without keeping anything hidden before you finalize to make the admission of your child in that school.

Choose the appropriate education board

Some of the education boards are tough in their syllabus, while some are quite easy as compared to others. Some of the education boards are ICSE, CBSE, Cambridge, IB, and other state boards. The choice of the board depends entirely upon your preference for your child. It is a very big decision, so you need to invest a good amount of time before you decide on one.

Attention to your child

A school is a place for mass education, and it is not possible for teachers to give individual attention to multiple students at once. Therefore you need to ensure that the school you choose must have a perfect student-teacher ratio. It means that each class must have less number of students for the teachers to be able to give considerable attention to all the students. Sixty children in a classroom are not feasible for a student to learn efficiently in that atmosphere. It will become more like a boring conference.

These are a few of the things that you must consider for choosing the best school for your child to attain the quality education and also develop an overall personality. Education is the weapon that every child must pursue to fight with the demons of illiteracy. Therefore, it is the duty of the parents to evaluate all the aspects of the school before they decide on filling the admission form of it. Education is a worthy investment for a child to expect better returns in life. 

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