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Role of Technology in educating the future of India

Posted on 25 Jul, 2020 By Admin

India is one of the most popular developing countries in the world where the education system has brought a significant change. Do you know how? With the help of Technology. It has helped to bring more options to educate everyone and develop the country. Even the Indian Brand Equity Foundation has stated that the Indian education market is pegged at $ 100 billion and 59.7% of it is engaged in higher education, and the rest is engaged for school education.

Though India is not one of the early adopters of Technology but Technology has shown a noticeable impact on the Indian education system. Even Technology has helped to increase the literacy rate of India. Presently it is standing between 15-20%, but in the next few years, the government is aiming to increase it to 50%. In this rapid increase, the rate is being possible with the help of Technology. You must be wondering why? Edten, a leading online school finder helps you know about the importance of Technology in the education system of India.

The impact of technology in the education system is countless, but still, there are some prominent impacts which you can easily find are stated below.

  1. Online classroom - whether you say distance learning or online classroom, the process is similar. With the help of technology, people staying in remote places can study and get certified. If you feel that your village college doesn’t have any particular subject which you want to learn, then you can opt for distance learning. The best part of online classroom is you can easily access the study materials in soft copy and give exams online. Knowledge has become easy for students who are not allowed to go to another city for education. Don’t you think this is one of the revolutionary changes in the education system of India?

  2. Technology in the classroom - technology has not only helped to find different modes of learning but also modernized your regular classrooms. It is the impact of technology that you can see now whiteboards instead of the blackboard. Because this whiteboard also functions as a projector screen and far Technology has helped to teach students with live examples with the projector. You can take away the notes with the help of devices like tablets, laptops, mobiles etc. Not only in classroom technology has helped to learn and get informed from websites as well. 

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  3. Institute management system - Technology has grown so fast that now schools and colleges can be easily managed through an app and teach students through virtual classroom. Students, teachers and parents can easily access the app and know what their kids are learning and whatnot. School management app has helped to run a school with easy access to information about everything to the associate people. Do you get to know about your homework and class details from such an app? Then hi 5.

  4. Mobile apps learning - Now you already know about the distant learning process, but there are some digital classrooms which have helped every student learn, but these classes cannot certify you. These learning apps are meant to pass on the educational information, which will help you in academics. Don’t you like to get assisted with a learning app to complete your assignments? You must be. Here’s the benefit of learning through mobile apps. You can find answers to thousands of questions on several subjects. If you yet to use any mobile learning app, then start now. It can function as your private tutor.

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Likewise, Technology has helped to develop the Indian education system so far. You can find websites and applications full of information, and that can help you clear your boards as well. If you are yet to get convinced by this massive impact of Technology in the Indian education system, then here you go with the most prominent benefits of having the blessing of Technology in the Indian education system.

Benefits of Technology

A jump from textbooks to tablets - You being a student would like to carry heavy books in your classes or want to learn it all stored in the tablet? Majority of you will choose the second option, and this is one of the best advantages of technology. Now you can learn about each, and everything in the world through websites, mobile apps and that can be advisable with devices like mobiles and tabs which are ready to carry and lightweight. Though not every school has the infrastructure where students can move without the book, India is growing so is the education system and everything’s going to come step by step.

Easy access to the global classroom - There are millions of online classes happening every day, and you can be a part of educational technology with the help of Technology. You can pay online, watch online and submit the assignments online. Now education is just a click away with Technology.

Change in learning perceptions - Since India is very much respectful to its cultures, it takes time to get modernized. But with the help of Technology, there has come a massive change in learning perceptions. The upgraded classrooms have enhanced the learning process. Students are getting interested in live examples, video demonstration, online assignment and what not. Let us know how you get helped with Technology to learn.

A constant companion to understanding more - You being a student can understand this factor the best. You may not have a similar learning capacity to other students, but the notes available online or video demonstration available online can be a great help to you. Because from there, you can learn the lesson repeatedly and Understand the essence of it. You can catch it late, but you will be able to find it.

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As more, you are getting benefited, you are adapting the system proposed by Technology to help you get educated. This is how some trends have been created by the educators and developers of the education system with the help of Technology. Adopt the new trends of learning and get benefits from Technology to learn as much as you can. The education industry is developing fast, and the majority of the credit goes to Technology. You can also enjoy the benefits of Technology.

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