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List of 10 CBSE Best Secondary Schools in Jaipur

Posted on 20 Feb, 2020 By Admin

Most smart parents of our generation are interested and responsible enough to carry out a thorough analysis before admitting their child to school. The best CBSE schools cannot be chosen randomly, as your child’s future is at stake. There are thousands of factors which should be considered by parents while searching for the best schools in Jaipur as in today’s competitive world everyone claims to be the best school in Jaipur but it’s you who has the right to decide so.

The Pink City, one of the most beautiful places has recently emerged as one of the finest educational hubs in India. Students here in the Schools of Jaipur are no less than their peers in other parts of India as with innovative technology, multinational curriculum and the new teaching methods the standard of education is rising day by day. 

However, when selecting the curriculum in best schools in Jaipur the most important factor to look for is finding the atmosphere that best fits your child and can help build a good personality with a strong character. We already enlisted the top CBSE schools in this article for you to analyze and pick the best among various secondary schools in Jaipur.

Here we listed the Best CBSE Schools in Jaipur

Best #10 - The Millennium School, Jaipur

The MDS uses the “Millennium learning system” which is one of its own kind, established by the Indian quality education foundation. The school is a co-ed day school and a member of the CBSE. The intelligent teaching method guarantees the best for your child’s growth. It uses vibrant and engaging teaching methods and provides students with a motivational environment. The schools offer an adequate well-equipped classroom, a library and sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor games.

Best #9 - St. Anselm’s Pink City Sr. Sec. School

St. Anselm’s Pink City Sr. Sec. School is a CBSE school in Jaipur that offers quality education and teaches discipline to the students. This is a Christian missionary education institution run by Gyan Deep Education Society. This is a co-ed institution that has made to the list of 10 best CBSE schools in Jaipur. The examination pattern set by the CCE program and the promotion is based on the annual exam pattern.

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Best #8 - St. Angela Sophia Senior Secondary School

Until today, Sophia School Jaipur is considered one of the most reputed schools in Jaipur for girls. The quality of education and discipline of the school is its center of attraction. Classes from class I to XII are available at the school. The school is equipped with a CBSE curriculum and a science club for 5-10 students. The land area of school stretches over 2.249 acres with a large playground & a well-equipped hall.

Best #7 - Tagore International NRI School

This is one of the prestigious secondary CBSE schools of Jaipur. It offers students a platform to excel in education, music and sports also it distinguishes itself from other schools of Jaipur in a number of its other campus facilities. The classrooms are equipped with computers, smart boards, and well-equipped labs as well as a large library, which helps students learn the best possible way.

Best #6 – Neerja Modi School in Jaipur

Neerja Modi School Jaipur is one of the top-10 best schools in Jaipur, although it was started only in the 2000s, unlike its other competitors. It follows the CBSE curriculum that makes the younger generation brighter every day. The school provides education from kindergarten to class XII and has very good sport participation too. This school has everything that can help your child become better in the future, from advanced laboratories, computer labs, soundproof instruments, lush green football, tennis courts, cricket studios, and messy foodstuffs.

Best #5 - St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School

Governed by the Jesuits, the St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School is a CBSE-affiliated school for day education. It was named St. Mary's Boys ' School in 1941 and later it was renamed in 1945. One of the best CBSE schools in Jaipur, the school works to transform its students into worldwide responsible citizen by offering them quality education. They also support students in sports. The school also serves athletics pupils, as it has two swimming pools and three basketball grounds, squash courts, football fields, badminton courts, and indoor sports courts. 

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Best #4 – Sanskar School

Sanskar School is a co-education school affiliated to CBSE board, founded and run by Sri Sai Shiksha Sansthan. The school strives to empower students with national and relevant experiences to become globally active. The school offers quality education with all the newest teaching techniques, a well-equipped pharmacy, electronics labs, chemistry and physics laboratories to help the child so that they could experience a world-class learning experience. It also provides travel and CCTV surveillance to ensure the child's safety is less likely in any other school in Jaipur.

Best #3- Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School

This is the only girl’s school that has made to the list of best schools in Jaipur. The school was opened to promote the concept of girl’s child education in the 1943s by Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. This is Rajasthan's first girls ' secondary school in Jaipur that was led by Mrs. Rani Vidya Devi from Jaipur. Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School is widely recognized as one of the best CBSE schools for girls and is renowned for his academic excellence. The school also provides students with internship facilities.

Best #2 – Delhi Public School

One of the best schools in Jaipur, it is a CBSE school is the place where a child grows physically and without a doubt in intelligence, but mostly in enthusiasm, bravery, confidence, flexibility, endurance, strength, and understanding. As a part of the Delhi Public School Society, this school offers its children everything they need to become responsible citizens. There’s also a separate hostel for boys and girls in the school. They also know it for having many sports events and also has a fitness complex with a dedicated gym. The multimedia laboratories and spacious classrooms are perfectly equipped for intelligent education and improved learning. At DPS, secondary schools in Jaipur, the goal is to build an environment to encourage children to flourish in all these areas of wisdom. 

Best #1 - Jayshree Periwal High School

Jayshree Periwal International School is one of Jaipur’s top CBSE schools and is also an award-winning school with consistently highly tested teaching faculties. They were the top performers of our CBSE students and other competitive exams. Together with a strong academic curriculum, we trust in each child’s fire of awareness and the degree to which it can change their lives if enlightened and nourished.

The school has excellent teachers and well-designed libraries, spacious classrooms and technical equipment to smart classrooms, athletics and much more. The school’s challenging and rich curriculum helps students to improve their wisdom. It also helps students learn about things such as gardening, sand skills, poetry, dance, and painting. Also, there are a boarding facility for the junior, middle and senior students with separate sections. The school follows the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum.


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