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Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Education

Posted on 11 Feb, 2021 By Admin

The pandemic changed everything in phases


Covid-19 hit India in March 2020 when everything got shut and a lockdown was announced. With education being the most important sector for growth and development, it took a turn and everything flipped. In India as effectively, the federal government as a facet of the nationwide lockdown had closed each academic institution, as a consequence of which, learners going from school-going kids to postgraduate college students, were affected.

The UNESCO report estimates showed us that the Covid pandemic will adversely have an effect on over 290 million college students throughout 22 international locations. UNESCO also estimated that around 32 crores of college students will be affected in India, incorporating these in faculties. Find some of the major impacts of COVID-19 on education with Edten.


A shift from offline to online 


To continue the teaching and coping with education changes in pandemic, all schools and colleges shifted to the online mode of teaching. Even when the pandemic did hit us real bad, the education sector took everything online. From routine classes to co-curricular activities, everything was taught online. Students and teachers used applications like zoom, google meet, teams, etc. Schools were asked to follow a particular pattern and check student's performance by conducting regular class tests.

By making everything online, students of poor backgrounds did suffer. The expenses increased as digitalization isn't easy. Parents had to incur huge costs for shifting to online mode yet some did save a full pocket as fees were cut down. Knowing the challenges faced, parents also had a tough time during the pandemic.

Students shifted to online classes, had no social contact and many ended up facing mental illness. Being a child it is important to have a healthy environment. Many children reported eye infection and some felt detached from society which made them face critical mental problems. Studying with the help of online medium not only showed us a new face of development but also the importance of the physical mode of teaching.

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Following a pattern to teach and working towards the development of a child, using an online platform is not easy. This is one of the major COVID-19's impact on education. The closure of faculties, colleges, and universities not only interrupts the teaching for college kids around the world; the closure also coincides with a key assessment period and lots of exams have been postponed or canceled.

Internal assessments are perhaps thought to be less important and many have been simply canceled. But their point is to offer information about the child’s progress for families and teachers. The loss of this information delays the popularity of both high potential and learning difficulties and may have harmful long-term consequences for the kid. This intern delays the learning and causes a back shit to the overall development. With everything coming up slowly, assessments aren't taken seriously online, monitoring becomes difficult and hence cancellation is the only option that results in the failure of a review report for teachers and parents to check the performance of the child.




The careers of this year’s university graduates could also be severely suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. They have experienced major teaching interruptions within the final part of their studies, they're experiencing major interruptions in their assessments, and eventually, they're likely to graduate at the beginning of a major global recession. Evidence suggests that poor market conditions at market entry cause workers to simply accept lower-paid jobs which have permanent effects on the careers of some. Reducing the opportunity to have a great start to their career, many graduates are jobless because of pandemic layoffs and less employment. The education sector has been majorly shaken.

With no measures to check what students have understood. No proper means to conduct the tests, teaching went slow and the academic year shifted ahead a few months. Things were haywire, yet somehow with the passage of time, things started taking shape.

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Problems in teaching online


Students were found bullying teachers in different ways. The online mode of teaching also showed us how teachers are not respected in society. At times, we also came across teachers who are not ready to teach. Teachers are the life who adds fragrance to the student’s life by nourishing and nurturing them. Teachers got to be strong to protest against the wrongs whether against themselves, to the scholars, society, or the country. Teachers are the backbone of society and if the backbone is weak the progress of the society is certainly impossible. Education must be strengthened more with more values for society, humanity, and developing national character among each individual.

Understanding the importance of education is really required. Even when things did not work out well, the schools managed to keep the classes running and follow a proper discipline. Helping students by discussing media affairs, every school tried to broaden the mindset of students.

With the correct safety measures, education can once again be bought to a platform where it once stood. As things tend to improve over time, students will be escorted to school and the decline of the education sector due to insufficient resources, will once again begin to rise and every student will be able to explore the world of learning and thus the youth will come out shining and ready to take over the generation with best minds.


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