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How Edten helps you to find the Best School near you?

Posted on 04 Feb, 2020 By Admin

Finding the best school for our kids is the most important and challenging job we have as parents. Dreaming our kids as achievers, keep us busy to find a school that unravels all the wisdom of the universe tour kids. Thinking as a loving parent putting too much pressure on our kids will be bad for their physical and mental health. Now, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A school is a place where kids experiment, observe and learn. Our son or daughter spend nearly 8 hours in school, learning. The place of wisdom should also be a place of love, guidance, and care. We must give kids an equal opportunity to explore their talents. Choosing a school that gives opportunity and also guidance is the greatest job of a parent.

In this blog, let us see how Edten - Online School Search Engine will help parents in choosing the best school for their children. Edten is the best place to find the best school for your kids. We should not be boasting with no basis and to prove Edten is the best, let us list out all the main features and processes we need to focus while choosing a school. The following are some of them:

Edten will help you in finding a school near you!

Imagine your kid spending nearly 3 hours in traveling daily! Yes, the distance of the school from your home matters a lot. The kid will be tired if he/she had to travel a long distance to school. It will be also a waste of time and a very big pain for the parents when the safety and security of the child come. Although there may be a good school transport system to take care of the kid, yet it is advisable to find a school in your surroundings.

If you are going to find a school in your surroundings, you can just do it sitting at home. The best school for your kid is just one click away. Edten will help you with suggestions like most popular schools, best schools, etc. and also it has a recent search in your place tab. It gives the best school nearby in under a minute without much ado.

Know what your child will be taught at school with Edten

It is said that a new electronic gadget becomes out-dated as soon as it leaves the manufacturing inventory. Yes, technology is growing so fast that new technology is invented every minute. As a parent, we must know what our kids learn. It is a must that we see if the curriculum is updated regularly, opens new learning methods and explores new horizons of learning. Edten will give you the curriculum of the best school nearby by placing a request even before you join the school. Feed the young brains what is new and what is necessary!

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Take a visit to the school with your family – As Edten’s guest

How wonderful it will be spending a day as a family in your kid’s future school and knowing all the new facilities he will be using soon! Visit as many schools as you are able before zeroing in for your child’s school. A tour to schools in local area is an excellent way to assess the ability of a school to address your child’s overall development, both academic and co-curricular.

You can know much about a school by just walking in and looking around. Seek to visit the headmaster, teachers, and administrators. Please ask if it matches your needs and values to find out more about each school. Talk to current students and their parents. You can provide important information about the school, its policies, fees, and other costs.

Edten can arrange for a school visit for you to meet the school authorities, faculty and students before choosing the school.

No compromises in the infrastructure needs!

Another aspect to look for in Neighborhood Public Schools visit by Edten is the infrastructure of the school. Spacious, refurbished buildings influence children’s views about the school. Well - equipped laboratories, library rooms, and equipment for sports with comprehensive playgrounds give students an extra boost to make the most of these services. Certain infrastructural components that speak volumes on the overall level of school services are the assembly area and proper sanitation facilities. You know nearly 10000 kids fall sick in the country due to poor hygiene in school!

With the help of Edten, you can talk about certain must-have features like proper hygiene, clean drinking water and proper sanitation in the school. These are non-negotiable features to be available in the school infrastructure.

Get to know the teachers with Edten’s help

Teachers should excellently know their topic, so as not to remain unanswered questions by the students. It is good if teachers can generate interest in their topic among students. A teacher needs to adhere to children’s oriented viewpoints and strive towards ensuring the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the child besides academic qualifications. Speak to future teachers before admission if possible to find out what they care about them. Qualifications into the general treatment of children in schools and the occurrence of harassment or violence against the students are also important for the teacher.

Edten allows you to connect with the school, the parents of existing students and their recommendations.

Choose a place of passion with Edten

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Extracurricular activities also help students to sustain their interest in academics. The schools in local area that understand this very reality have inculcated the extracurricular activities for each class in the program. The soft and hard skills of students develop their social skills and engage in different seminars. It also improves their participation. Parents need to know that these acts have proved to be the most productive way of using the time students earn during their training. Children from schools offering sport-and creative-based seminars and courses are best able to learn new skills.

Talk to other parent’s

It is always good to know the ideas of other parents whose kids are in school already. This will help you judge all the aspects of learning like faculty, infrastructure and the friends your kid will be making. Edten has a channel of recommendation for Neighborhood Public Schools and you can connect with the parents whose kids are already enrolled in the school. By this, you can create a moral support environment for your kid.

Why choosing Edten for finding the best school is a wise idea?

Besides the list of benefits we gain from choosing Edten to find the perfect school for our kid, we also benefit in:

  1. Time-saving – We save your time in searching for a school in your locality that has the best reviews and will serve the best interests for your kids.
  2. We can be easily afforded- Do not spend your money on consulting! We are here, perfect school consultant at an affordable price. We give you the best at the best possible price.
  3. We do professional research – before suggesting a school for you, we have deep researches done on the qualities of the school form infrastructure to curriculum and extracurricular activities. Your kid’s future is in a safe hand.
  4. We have never failed- We strive to bring the best to you and we assure you a flawless result.

So, this is how we find a school using Edten

It is just in three simple steps:

  1. Search for the school in your locality
  2. View the school profile in Edten
  3. Raise an inquiry with us.

Hoping we gave you all the points, how Edten will help you find the best schools in Jaipur for your kid. All the best for your search! Reach us nowhere.

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