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E-learning and distance learning – a boon or curse

Posted on 22 Mar, 2020 By Admin

Among all learning methods e-learning, distance learning is becoming one of the most popular ways of learning due to several benefits that it provides, but is there any adverse effect of it? If you are going through any online courses, how do you feel about it? Is it a blessing for us to have the facility of distance learning or e-learning. Here at Edten, an online school finder, we have come up with a comparison that will help you to decide on this confusion. Why e-learning is a blessing or a curse. Let’s move on to the information.

What are the benefits of e-learning or distance?

1. First of all, the term says that you can learn a subject staying a distance apart from the institute and learn with the help internet. So here you go with the first and most prominent benefit that you can peruse a degree or a certificate without shifting from your city.

2. Secondly, you will get an option to do other work along with studying online. When you have enrolled for a distance course you need not visit regular classes; you can go through the lesson when you are free which brings you a lot of opportunities to invest your time for any other work. You do a job along with your studies; you can take care of a family along with your studying. E-learning brings you a flexible method of learning.

3. The third significant benefit you can is monetary. If you are shifting to another city to pursue a degree, you have to invest in staying, food and traveling. But in case of distance learning, you can learn sitting at your home. Even the online education comes up with lesser course fees. You can save money from everywhere if you enroll for an online education course. Don’t you feel that online learning has made it easy to learn from any corner of the world and it also feasible if you have shallow financial support?

4. Save time with online classes is another benefit of e-learning. You can the time by not going to a regular college and do other works which you cannot ignore. You can study from your home and work at the same time. If your parents are not allowing you to go to a different country or city, then you can learn from home. If you have several responsibilities, then you can learn online and also take care of the responsibilities as well.

5. Learning online speaks out for learning at your comfort. Nobody would ask you to dress us appropriately, or nobody will ask you for a time entering the class. You can sit on your bed and learn, wearing a pair of night suite. E-learning gives you that comfort to learn at your time, your place, and there is no such restriction or strict rules to learn online. Not time limit, no dress code, no fixed place you can learn anywhere, anytime.

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6. Online classes also help you to gain recognition among employers. As soon as you complete your course, several employers get informed and there you can find a job suitable for your eligibility. Wouldn’t you like to get a job after completing the free online courses?

7. You can find several resources to learn. If you are willing to prepare notes or ready to understand the subject in detail and if the course material is not sufficient for you, you can easily use several resources to learn at the same time. You can also join multiple free online courses. There is no restriction that you have to study under one university.

8. You can deliver the assignments online. Preparing online assignments also helps to save nature because it uses fewer resources like paper, ink, pen. Only a digital sheet can do it all. Even doing assignments online also allows you to rectify any mistakes quickly.

9. Online learning gives you access to the study material and other assistance 24×7. Whenever you find the time you can study. This is also feasible by the students because of flexibility in time.

10. There is no age bar. You can enroll for a course even you have crossed the typical age of going to school or college. It is all about learning and that’s what you should do. The online course is not restricted to the specific age group. You can learn something new in your 80s as well.

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Do these benefits excite you? If yes, then you should know the adverse part of studying online or e-learning.

Adverse effects of e-learning or distance learning

1. The first problem comes in the authenticity of the student. There have been several cases that the course gets enrolled in a name, and other people run the program. But this is not a disadvantage for a student. If you want to learn, then you would go through the course and gain knowledge.

2. Since online courses are like watching videos on a social networking site, you can easily get distracted. It's on you how seriously you take the course and how important you give it. You can resist this distraction if you go through the study material and online classes in a closed room and a strong mindset to learn.

3. Sometimes going through course can be tough because of the technology or user interface used in programming that course. You may not find a course that is easy to follow. That’s why you may feel distracted or not feel interested in the class. Unfortunately, you cannot know about this problem beforehand.

4. The quality of the faculty can be miserable. Until or unless you join in the course you don’t get to interact with the faculties and if they are not good at their job that makes a problem. Several institutions offer a mock class before you enroll for the course. There you can understand the teaching style, and if that fits your mind, then you can enroll for the course.

5. The most significant loss that online courses are making is the loss of networking. People are not meeting in person even if they are enrolled under the same course. You are losing the habit of meeting people.

What do you think after seeing the comparison? We feel that studying online or e-learning is a boon, but there is the adverse side as well, which can be restricted to a specific limit. Share your views on this.

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