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10 Facilities Necessary at a Boarding School

Posted on 14 May, 2020 By Admin

We as parents always look for the best boarding school for providing our kids with the best education and teach them a lesson of discipline for their entire life. But before you end up enrolling your kids into a boarding school, you should check that these below listed facilities are available there or not. Here we have enlisted 10 facilities necessary at a boarding school. Read through this article and find a school with all facilities or most of these facilities in the school’s campus, in which you are willing to send in your child.

Before you finalize the school, go through these points. It will be a big help to you.

  1. Housing and hostel facilities- Parents should always look for the housing facilities. What are the amenities that the hostel campus has and offers to students? You should check if the hostel facilities and environment is suitable for your kids. Only if the situation is comfortable and the child likes it, then you should send them in there because a homely environment is necessary for kids to grow without getting stress or feeling homesick.

  2. Security- Every parent wants their kids to keep at a safe place? Smart parents would definitely ensure the safety of their child when they are sending them to boarding school. Every boarding school should have a sound system of security so that parents can send their kids there without getting tensed or worried. If the security system is reliable, then every parent would feel relaxed and comfortable in sending their kid to the school.

  3. First aid- No matter what other extra facilities and amenities the boarding school offers, but there should always be the facility of first aid. We never know when any person may get hurt in the school premises or if any accident happens. Kids will play and we will always want our kids to be treated immediately as soon as possible if they get hurt. In case of emergency too first-aid rooms will serve as a life saving facility for students in a boarding school

  4. Extracurricular facilities- Don’t you want your kids to learn a little more than everyone else and lot more things apart from normal subjects? Your answer must be yes. It should be yes because you should always look for a better future for your child. The more they know, the better they can explore their dreams & talent. If the child finds more interest in art and craft rather than studies, then they should focus on art more. Having extracurricular facilities in school makes a kid more active and learn many other sports and activities which can define their path of career.

  5. Entertainment facilities- After studies and extracurricular activities, you should see if the hostel or school has entertainment facilities or not. Children will not always like to sit in one place and study or engage themselves in studious activities. Sometimes they would also like to relax and entertain themselves. For that, a boarding school must have an entertainment room, music room, playroom with different games or maybe arrangements for other activities to entertain students and give them a break from studies.

  6. Latest technology- It is always supported to have the latest technologies in school not just to ease the school management but also to make the students aware of technological trends going around the world. As getting habitual to technology will surely improve the learning and teaching methodology for students and teachers as well. Using the latest and improved technology in school is always a better option to educate students. Before you send your kids to boarding school, always check if the school is providing updated facilities or not.

  7. Hygiene- School is the place where they learn most of their experiences, and that is why a school should follow proper hygiene. Students must learn proper hygiene and sanitation lessons, then only they can lead a healthy life and be called as a responsible and civilised citizen of society. When a school is offering boarding facilities, they should focus more on hygiene facilities as children spend most of their time in the campus. A campus with better hygiene will always be an asset for the healthy physical and mental growth of children.

  8. Surveillance- Looking after students is necessary as keeping an eye on their daily activities will not just improve their efficiency but also will be a beneficial aspect to satisfy all concerns of parents for the safety and security of their kids. This is why a school with a proper surveillance system should always be preferred. If the school management takes such efforts to look after students then parents can feel relaxed that their kids are not going on a wrong path. Surveillance is one of the essential facilities that you should look for in the boarding school.

  9. Celebration of special occasions- When you are looking for a boarding school and planning to send in your kids in there, then this point is significant. You should know what culture is followed in school?  Do they celebrate special occasions and different festivals in school? If the school celebrates these festivals, then you can feel assured and comfortable that your kid will not feel left out during any cultural occasion or ritual practices. Celebration of special occasions always makes children feel the joy of being at home.

  10. Educational facilities- It is needless to say that you will look for excellent educational facilities in a school. But seeing the glamour at the hostel doesn't consider educational facilities. It’s the educational facilities that are of vital importance, a major part of research should be done about the curriculum, pedagogy, teaching pattern etc before looking for other facilities prior to taking admission in any boarding school. If the educational facilities are excellent and other facilities are considerable then also you can opt for that school.

With time we develop a better understanding of what facilities among all facilities at your kid’s boarding school are really useful and to what extent, are those good enough for your kid or not are. But till then you might have already enrolled your kid to the school. So before getting into action regarding admission of your kids in the school, or your kids denying to go to school you should check the facilities. If you know the facilities, then you can definitely make a smart and better decision of which school to choose. Choosing the right school is always relevant, and when you are finding a boarding school for your child, then you must check every facility that they offer. The facilities should match the facilities mentioned above so that you know, the place you are sending your kid. They will be away from home, but they should get the proper learning and become a better person in life. Let your child have a better hostel life. Allow them to grow in a better environment.


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